This project includes the development of software for photo printing devices from Instagramm accounts. This software includes the application on Xamarin platform, capable to make photo selection from Instagram directly from the server (when printing from a mobile device and sending photos on the desired address), editing (design in multiple formats, add stickers, cards, etc.), reception and delivery of cash, as well as the implementation of the server side, including machine control from the admin panel, keeping statistics and orders.


During the development of this project work was carried out directly with hardware devices and their testing performed immediately on the spot, in real time, namely, a work with touch screens boxes, writing and editing of drivers for the bill validators, the possibility of granting cash, and also writing the server-side on C#, including admin panel, the ability to provide statistics program and much more.

These boxes you can see in almost every shopping center of big cities throughout Ukraine, as well as in the United States.

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