Inn Logist APP

Consist of two modules:

• INN-LOGIST ManagerApp – app for managers and clients of company;

• INN-LOGIST AutoApp – app for drivers.

Improve the profitability and productivity of your logistics and business operations. Multipurpose logistic service for management of a cargo transportation. Includes the basic portal and two mobile appendices.


For the client:

• Online monitoring of a finding of cargo in transit.

• Quality level of service of each contractor.

• Possibility of giving of the order directly to the selected companies.

• or giving of the order for the general tender. Possibility of reception of a discount from the contractor, at the preschedule termination of the tender. Delivery notification.

• Private office with history of orders.

• Document circulation.

For transport company:

• Online monitoring of a finding of the car without costs on expensive GPS the equipment. By means of appendix INN-LOGIST AutoApp.

• Increase of probability of reception of return loading on 40 %. Delivery notification.

• Studies for managers-logistov. Possibility of conducting work in any place at any time by means of appendix INN-LOGIST ManagerApp.

• Accounting and analysts.

• Document circulation.

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