Acucharting WEB

Acucharting WebApp – it’s a browser version of the Acucharting iOS App, bult on the basis of Laravel framework.

Features of this version are the same as “Acucharting iOS App”: user can create and edit account for each client and check the information related to client’s visits in a presentation of list and calendar. For each client’s appointments a 3D human model (made with Three.js plgin) with pin locations from an appointment is available (user cannot change a position of pins in this version, it is only possible in iOS application), as well as notes about each appointment in a form of text, photo, audio, video (made with VideoJS plugin), or a drawn image, that could be added, edited or deleted.


Also this version includes a subscription management. Subscribing for getting access to advanced features is implemented on a basis of Stripe service. User can upgrade/downgrade your subscription plan or cancel it.

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