Acucharting IOS App

Acucharting iOS App” is iPad only app for practitioners to record their “appointments” with clients. Application lets the practitioers to create account for each client and get information about client’s visits in a presentation of list and calendar.

The key feature of this app is a 3D human model that is movable via swipes and used to record pin locations from an appointment. SceneKit is used to provide 3D model control features. Also there is a possibility to add and edit/delete notes for each appointment as a text, audio, photo or a drawn image.


This app uses Amazon Web Services (DynamoDB, RDS) for data storage, which also is used by the WebApp, so the user can always get latest info when he access the app via iPad or WebApp (our team has developed API in order to provide successful data exchange between apps and server). The entire service is HIPAA compliant and provides high level of data security.

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