This article is dedicated to Expenditure and Monitoring system Software for public water supply, the goals that these systems pursue and the solutions that they offer; and, of course, how to make a software for city water supply system, but first let’s give a definition to water expenditure analysis system or as they are also called SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). It is a software suite designed to assure real-time data gathering, processing, display and archiving. SCADA can be a part of an eco monitoring system, scientific experiment, water distribution system, water utility software, etc. SCADA-systems are used widely in all kinds of enterprises and households where the Model network performance is controlled by operators in real time. Such distribution systems are set up on computers to control the whole object infrastructure by means of input/output drives or OPC/DDE servers. The monitoring system software development can proceed with the usage of programming languages or the code can be generated in a development envelope.

Sometimes web based SCADA systems are completed with additional soft to manage industrial controllers. These expanded systems are called integrated and the special term “SoftLogic” is applied to them.

Actually, the term «SCADA» has double interpretation itself. Mostly, SCADA is understood like a cloud based application or a software suite that executes specific functions and the tools and technologies required to build software of this kind. However, the second meaning is a hardware and software system. The second definition is commonly used in Telemetry.

Having determined what SCADA systems are in general, let’s move to water supply networks. Regarding the tasks and challenges that water supply companies face and the current technological state of the art of water supply network design software a modern urban water software is:

  • A single geoinformational platform that furnishes not only visualization and integration of monitoring and management systems but also reconnaissance of physical infrastructure integrated with proactive management active assets.
  • Online usage of thread-specific data to assure immediate alarm response.
  • IT-infrastructure to manage the information about public water resources with multiple access that allows the organizations to make decision of district and larger levels.
  • Advanced analytics with an opportunity to forecast, model and support the decision making.

Who provides City Water Supply systems?

Mostly these are the companies that engineer water supply and wastewater drain systems, water purification, implementation of ArcGIS system into domestic and global water supplies management. Experts claim that the global leaders in this field are IBM and Esri with their international project “Smart Water”. However, there are many significant representatives of advanced cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Azure, Salesforce (Heroku and, Engine Yard, VMware Cloud foundry, Standing Cloud, Mendix, and many others.


How to create an expenditure system software?

To develop a proper SCADA system you should clearly define the key tasks for hardware:

  • Level-monitoring device implementation in large tanks and reservoirs.
  • Pressure monitoring devices setting that make pounds per square inch. (psi) measurements in pipes when water is being pumped.
  • Hydrometers installation, which measure the amount of gallons of water being delivered every minute.
  • Adjustment tools planting that increase or reduce the pressure to assure the sustainable water flows.

And here are the key requirements for software:

  • Data exchange with industrial controllers and input/output boards in real time
  • Online data processing
  • Logic control
  • Information report display in convenient and understandable form on the screen
  • Management of a database with technical information in real time mode
  • Alarm notification and alerts management
  • Reports compilation about the progress of technological process
  • Network communication assurance between SCADA, PC and side services and components (Databases, spreadsheets, word processing units, etc.)

All in all, SCADA systems enable to create a monitoring system software for public water supply that will be able to provide a complex coverage of water resources by means of various hardware components, strong backend and convenient and thought-out interface.

What are the reasons to develop an expenditure system software for city water supply?

Water supply systems take water from various locations, like subsoil water, surface water (rivers and lakes), water storage basins and the sea through desalination. Then, in most cases, this water is purified and disinfected through chlorine treatment and sometimes fluoridation. Clean water is pumped to reservoirs and then distributed between city districts.

The problem is so that urban water supply systems (UWSS), which provide more than 3 billion of people with water are ages and deteriorates. Aging water infrastructure is a worldwide issue. The current state of water supply systems demands an urgent need for more precise, detailed, time and cost-effective diagnostics that an expenditure monitoring system can provide.

Water supply service quality has many metrics: steadiness; quality of water; pressure; and the ratio between responsiveness of service suppliers to customer requests and complaints.

The annual water wasting cost more than $1 billion and prolonged ignoring of this worldwide issue can lead to pipe failures that can paralyze enterprises and cause local floods.

UWSS are challenged by climate changes and cities growth. But still, the current methods of leak and defects diagnostic in complex underground UWSS networks are far from perfect.
The improvements should be made by step-by-step trying to embrace as many areas as possible. Put it another way, an expenditure system software for city water supply should be developed and implemented in such a way that they could function for a long time without significant changes made.

It’s not easy to develop an expenditure system software for city water supply, but it’s definitely not impossible. Amconsoft has managed to gain strong knowledge in this field. You can check the City Water Supply, Expenditure and Monitoring system software development in our portfolio.

If you have any specific questions about this field, please, feel free to contact us!

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