Uber is still a mystery to some people despite that fact that this taxi service consistently continues to grow and attract new users. Originally launched in the USA now it covers more than 60 countries all around the globe.

In this article we will discuss in details these matters:

  • What Uber is and how it works
  • The startups history and how it grew up in the company
  • Which solutions does Uber use?
  • What are the advantages of such services?
  • How to build an app like Uber?
  • How much does it cost to develop a taxi app like Uber?

The origin of Uber, the American taxi booking service

The world saw the taxi service Uber for the first time in 2009. And it has become a hit thanks to well thought-out system of communication between clients and drivers. It has become so convenient and safe that everyone who had an iPhone or Android smartphone started downloading the app. The key idea of the app is that not only the app allows users to book a cab, but also to track the car on move. And the system automatically dispatches to the client the nearest car that is quite beneficial for Uber drivers as they save gas.

The app has payment gateways integrated so the charge is taken right away from your attached bank account.

The price of the ride is formed by three key factors:

  1. Fixed fee for calling a taxi
  2. Payment per each mile on the way
  3. Payment for the time you spend in the taxi

How does Uber work?

The accessibility and simplicity of the service have been attracting both drivers and clients.

Think for yourself, all you need from drivers side is a personal vehicle and a

smartphone with internet connection to install the app. The app allows the driver to accept orders and communicate with the customers

Uber is quite simple for users. You need to download the app, create your profile, and attach your card for payments. The app is free and available for iOS and Android

After that you have access to the booking service where you can select the type of the car in accordance with your needs. You are offered:

  • Medium cars
  • Luxury cars
  • Minivans

After you have found the suitable vehicle you need to press the «Set Pickup Location» button and the system will submit your current location to the driver after you confirm the payment. Having done these simple actions all you need to do is to wait for the message with the approximate arrival time, info about the car, and driver’s contact number in case if you need to give more specific instructions.

Key functionality for taxi app like Uber

To create an Uber clone you need to determine core features first. A good mobile app for taxi service should include:

  • Map and Geolocation integration
  • Registration system
  • Matching system
  • Push notifications and info messages
  • Payment gateways

Let’s take a detailed look at each element.

Map and Geolocation integration.An app like Uber requires GPS to track the locations of customer and driver. Map is used to display them and visualize the route. Taxi app developers use routing services to set the route and count the approximate duration of the ride.


Registration system. Uber offers several ways of registration for their users and asks the user’s phone number at once. The process of registration for drivers is a bit more complicated as they need to attend the companies office to fill in the official docs and enter the system.


Matching system. It allows the passengers to find suitable driver really fast and allows the drivers to accept the orders. The system has to take the distance between the client and the driver and driver’s status (free/busy)  into consideration. The driver has to accept the request within 15 seconds.

Although several services similar to Uber enable the users to select the driver manually, the best solution is to use automatic fitting mechanism. It makes the process of finding suitable car faster, and all drivers get enough orders.


Push notifications and informational messages.

There are two most popular ways to inform the user about the car arrival:

  1. Push notification. They are easier in implementation, but they can let users down. Push notifications can be blocked by user, the internet connection can be unstable, or a user simply can ignore them.
  2. SMS, on the other hand, are harder to integrate, but hey are more reliable and the chances that the user will ignore it. To implement SMS features you need to select a telecommunications services provider and engage a contract. Uber works with Twilio, but there is a variety of SMS services like Plivo, Nexmo, Sinch, etc.


Payment gateways. Apps like Uber tend to use cash-free payment methods as they are more secure and faster that payments in cash. Uber works with Braintree (A Paypal Company) to integrate payment gateways, but there are several alternatives as Stripe, Payza, and WorldPay.

A standard set of payment methods for a taxi app should be:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet

You should think carefully when you choose payment gateways to meet the demands of your target audience.


Another aspect that requires some hard thinking is the tipping algorithm if you are targeting for the American market. Here is an example of how Lyft handles this matter.


How to build an app like Uber?

  1. The development process here starts like in any other project with validation of ideas and creation of SOW (Statement of Work).
  2. The UX/UI phase will be dedicated to the development of the most suitable way of interaction with user and creation of custom design in accordance with the features that you plan.
  3. Once you have the design created the development phase starts. And here such questions like “Should I order the development of hybrid app? Or is native development better?” As this is going to be a project for business we would suggest to avoid cross platform solutions as they are less stable and reliable than development on native languages for each platform.
  4. Quality Assurance can be considered as part of development process, as QA engineers are involved during the development process when the several features are implemented and APIs are integrated. They check the builds for bugs and help the developers fix it.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app like Uber?

There is no simple answer to the question “What does it cost to develop a taxi app?” as there are several variable factors affecting the total budget.

  • First of all, the client’s available budget
  • Secondly, the amount of features
  • Thirdly, company’s hourly rate

The average Timeline of such project is:

  • Design ( up to 50 hours)
  • Mobile client development (up to 350 hours for each platform)
  • API development (up to 80 hours)
  • Admin Panel (up to 180 hours)

The approximate expenses for taxi booking app development are $14000-$17000.

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