How much does it cost to develop mobile app?

Every day App Store and Google Play offer us millions of apps all manner of types starting from smart alarm clock to personal fitness instructor. We can’t imagine our day without these small icons all over the screens of our Smartphones.

Has this ever happened to you that you come up with the idea for a new app, but all this thing does not go any further as you start to think, how much does it cost to make a mobile app and bring your idea to life? And at this moment, it starts to look ugly.
Our company will lift the veil for you and you will see how much the development of the mobile application can cost now and what exactly you are paying for.

This magic world of mobile applications

Let’s have a detailed look on the existing kinds of apps

  • Games. It may seem clear for the first peek but if you spend some time you will see how rich and versatile mobile games brunch is.
    First of all, there are manifold categories:

    • action games;
    • arcades;
    • gambling and card games;
    • 3D shooters;
    • logic quests;
    • strategies;
    • emulators and simple games just to kill time.

Secondly, there are offline and online games and they both can include categories listed above. Let’s take Poker for instance. You can play against artificial intelligence or confront real people in online. Thanks to diversity and in-app donations, of course, this branch remains the most profitable.

  • Social Media apps. It’s almost impossible to imagine our life now without Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social accounts. They all offer great mobile clients for the users convenience. And we shouldn’t forget new trendy mobile networks like Snapchat or Periscope.
  • Musical apps. Music is a vital part of our lives. And in order not to split away with it, we are offered hundreds of players and music services starting from default player that every OS has to Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, AmpMe and variety of others.
  • Retail and business apps. You can find various retail platforms where you can buy, sell and exchange goods. Some of them have great security and payment gateways. Business apps include product and food delivery, restaurant apps, promotion and loyalty campaigns, Customers support and so on.
  • Health and fitness apps. In the past few years, they have become a new trend and it’s hard to imagine how many apps of this branch are launched within this branch. Now in an average medical app you can find medical help, describe your symptoms, get an online consultation and call for a doctor. The same things in fitness. You are offered various activity trackers, personal nutrition consultations, workout sets with advice. And often these features are combined!
  • Educative apps. Another popular branch of mobile market which is full of serious and entertaining apps. Majority of them is focused on foreign languages and offer free and paid content

How to choose a mobile development platform?

First of all, you need to determine what kind of application you have in mind and on which platform you want to see your app function iPhone, Android or both.
You need to know that there are so-called native and cross platform apps. A native application is the one that is written in native language. The most popular languages for iOS are Objective-C and Swift and Java for Android.

Cross-platform app is developed with the usage of various PHP frameworks and platforms like:

  • Xamarin;
  • PhoneGap;
  • Titanium-Appcelerator;
  • etc and they can function both on iOS and Android platforms.

You need to think carefully before choosing one or another approach for your project. Of course, cross-platform seems to be a faster and budget saving way but native apps have proven to be much faster and reliable. They enable the usage of custom solutions and survive the OS updates better. And as you should know app maintenance and further updates are vital aspects of any released project.
Having decided which way you are going you can start choosing a team to hire.

To develop a mobile app generally it takes:

  • Project manager;
  • Designer;
  • 2-3 Developers (depending on the above-listed factors);
  • 1-2 QA specialists that launch proper testing.

Then submit your idea description and list of functionality requirements to selected mobile application developers. They will make time estimates and you will be able to arrange cost of app development.

How much does it cost to build an app?

It’s not that easy to answer this questions without knowing which mobile platforms exist. Developing an app is pretty complicated and time-consuming process that is organized to overcome clients expectations in the end.

Android and iOS are the most popular platforms for mobile applications and together take 95% of the whole mobile market. And of course, our developer’s team has a full understanding of these platforms and can find the best solution to release your idea.

It is obvious that costs to develop an app fluctuate in a wide range depending on a number of features and purpose. It might be much more tricky than it seems. For instance, some features imply having a strong backend, content management system, third party services integrations, usage of hardware components and so on. But no need to panic!

So how much does it cost to develop an app?

Mobile application development cost can range depending on size and complexity.

Small project
If it is about a small and plain project then to make an app for iOS or create an app for Android it will take 400-600 to go through the development cycle. And in the end, you will get the app with a few screens and couple of key features.Small mobile app development costs about $15000.

Middle size projects
Middle size projects include more features and generally are client-server apps which involve backend development, and few APIs integrations. To develop it will take about 800-1000 hours and the average cost to create an app of this type start from $25000.

High projects
Projects of high complexity will include a big amount of complicated features like real-time calls, support majority of devices (iPads and Android tablets, Apple and watches, Apple and Smart TV), advanced backed solution, strong CMS, integration of various side services, libraries and databases. You will require a strong team that will work 1000+ hours on it and prices here start at $50000.

Here at Amconsoft, we offer our clients full spectre of development services and you are more than welcome to check our competence.

We offer solutions to:

  1. Banking and Finance;
  2. Medicine & Healthcare;
  3. Transport & Logistic;
  4. Telecommunications;
  5. State and administrative sector.

Just think for a moment that exactly our app can make a breakthrough in IT world. Sounds about right? Then contact us and together we will make your dream come true!

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