How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Custom CRM Software?

This article is dedicated to CRM software, how to build a CRM software and how much does a custom CRM software cost to develop.
But before we cover these topics, first let’s find out what is a CRM system.
Generally, a CRM system is an applicable software for company or business that is designed to automate the strategies of interaction with customers especially to increase the up-selling, optimize marketing, improve the relational customer care by saving the information about them and history of the interactions, adjust business processes and analyze the results.
Actually, a CRM system can be considered any way of accountability that is aimed at the improvement of the interaction process with clients. Even if you make records about the calls and contacts on the paper or in the online spreadsheets it can be considered as a CRM system in case it enables to manage all kinds of the customers’ interaction. Of course, in the modern world bookwork is becoming a thing of the past and we can’t imagine the functionality of almost every business without effective automation. That’s why when we talk about CRM system we imply specialized web based software for business and startups.
Having defined what is a CRM system and what are its main purposes let’s move to the kinds of this software.

The world of CRM systems

There is a plenty of web and cloud based CRM solutions on the market. And there is a plenty of companies providing them. We are sure that you all have heard about such giants like Microsoft dynamics, Salesforce, Sage, Zoho, Sugar, etc. They all are offering you to rent their software. And the word “rent” here is used to demonstrate that you don’t actually owe the system. They all are offering you subscriptions and packages for their soft. But these packages might not satisfy all your requirements or the rental terms can be changed by the supplier. Think about the development of your own CRM system that will meet the specification of your business and will help it to expand and prosper.


How to build a custom CRM software?

If you are planning to make a custom CRM software, first of all you, should define your personal goals. There several kinds of CRM systems: strategic, analytical, collaborative and operational. Let’s take a detailed look at the last one as most likely this is what you are looking for. There are several subcategories of the operational CRM systems: sales, marketing, and customer support.
1. Sales CRM and its prime functionality:

  • Client management and lead processing. This includes clients profile details; list of the customers; processing of incoming requests; options of sorting, grouping and filtering, fields to add info about a lead.
  • Tools to analyze the sales. These are the custom dashboards and business charts that help to define the goods in demand (a convenient interface is a must), a mechanism for categorization and search.
  • Sales scheduling and planning. With the access to the history of purchases you can predict and plan the further sales and divide the tasks between colleagues. A calendar with assignments and objectives will help to plan strategy.

2. Marketing CRM and its prime functionality:

  • Direct management of marketing. CRM system gives you an opportunity to create and adjust campaigns, add and schedule events and promotions and manage finances.
  • Target audience analysis allows to divide your customers into groups and analyze their behavior. Thus you can see which groups are the most profitable and what are their expectations.
  • Campaign analytics helps to mark the most profitable campaigns and consequently find the best way to return your investments.

3. Customer support CRM and its prime functionality:

  • Help Desk and Online Agent allow to manage and process customers requests made through tickets, phone calls, SMS, e-mails and chats, provide consultations and form orders in real time.
  • FAQ help the customers to navigate through your site and perform the required operations on their own. Support agents must have access to place, edit and publish the guidelines in this section.
  • Service Analytics. Basically, it is the statistics of customers requests, history of issues and solutions. In order to keep distinct quality of the provided services you must understand where your system requires adjustments.

How much does a custom CRM software cost to develop?

How much does a car cost? That depends on the manufacturing company, model, version, configuration, age, and country you are buying it in. Let’s say you need a car for 4 passengers, 500+ trunk and painted in black. The prices here can range between $3,000 (for something like 18 years old Chevrolet Aveo) and $500,000 (for something like Rolls-Royce Phantom) The situation with the cost to build a custom CRM system is also affected by many factors:


  • Purpose. Which tasks does your software must solve?
  • Capacity. How many current users your system should handle? A thousand and a million makes a huge difference
  • Maintainability. This is the matter of the code quality. If the code is clean and logically structured then the whole system will be easy to maintain and update.
  • Delivery time. Fast development requires more resources and additional specialists, so the short timeline will considerably increase the cost of CRM software.
  • Security. As your system works with the client’s personal data your system must include strong security mechanism (it can be a multi-level authorisation or digital signature) to ensure the safety of the confidential info.
  • User experience. Your system must be convenient and intuitively understandable for agents. This will help to reduce the amount of mistakes made by accident. Also making CRM elements friendly to your customers will end up positively for your business.

Now let’s try to talk about the possible cost to develop a crm software in numbers, however, it is impossible to make a fixed estimation straight away as projects of such kind strongly depend on the specific business requirements. One thing for sure, the CRM system development costs will start from $15,000 even if you decide to start with open source solutions. The only way to get a precise quote is to start the direct communication with the outsourcing company like AMCON SOFT.
If you have any questions about the implementation or upgrading a CRM software just contact us. We will give you an honest consultation and will help to determine what is best for your business.

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