When it comes to product promotion we all understand that the only way to do it is to make a household name for your product. On this basis, a custom website will serve as the brand face. The better your face looks the more success it will bring for your business.

Apparently, that every businessman or startupper wants the best website to attract a lot of customers. However, before you decide to develop an ecommerce website you need to define the prime objectives. It’s extremely important.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?

The answer to the question “How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?” is not so easy as it seems. Custom eCommerce website development costs are affected by goals and tasks you set. Adding some unique features to your website will increase the total price. Average cost to develop an eCommerce website starts from $5.000 and can reach up to $50.000. The price difference depends on your objectives in the first place.

Here is a simple example. Suppose, your goal is to earn $100.000 from the sales on an annual basis, then the expected cost to make a custom eCommerce website will be around $10 000 (it’s a very rough estimation). Besides, you need to take the outsourcing company’s into consideration. If you are working with a local company, the price will be higher than choosing to work with offshore developers.

You can use eCommerce platforms that offer cheap one-size-fits-all solutions to reduce expenses. However, on the other hand, an eCommerce website represents your business and provides information to your potential customers. It affects conversion rate and consequently the sales. So, you should think carefully before you decide to use cheap solutions of low quality for building your brand.

Speaking about the price for development of eCommerce website, let’s view the factors that affect projects’ final costs. And you need to keep them in mind well in advance.


There is a standard set of features that is always included in the initial cost of eCommerce website development:

  • Page with product description
  • Page with categories
  • Special offers


If you feel that it’s not enough you might consider spending some more time and money to expand the capabilities of your eCommerce website and add something like pop-up windows, additional landing pages, etc. A website customization is always good but you need to know where to draw the line.Your website must be native, and without any misleading forms and confusing texts. Everything must be clear and simple for users.

Also you need to implement the feature that will enable automatic synchronization of the goods by means of supplies management system to the architecture of your eCommerce website.Yes, it will increase the total development expenses, but it will save your money in future as you won’t have to hire additional employees to manage website content.

To determine the whole functionality of your website you need to make a list of all the desired features and form the project budget by reference to the costs of each component.



Most of the people buy the product judging by the outlook. In our case, the first thing that your clients see is the web design. You need to choose the colors and forms that will match your product and will make an emphasis on its strongest sides. The development price also depends on whether you use a ready-to-go template or decided to create a custom one.

In the first case, a ready template will considerably decrease the time and money required for the development. But “cheap” doesn’t always means “good”. There is a plenty of cheap or free templates all around the Internet. Generally, this template includes plug and play solutions:

  • Stock logos
  • Forms
  • Colors

Cheap models have an obvious advantage in price, but not every one of them will be suitable for branding of your product. You can consider option only if your budget is short. If you have to go with the template way you should make sure that it meets modern design demands. Ask yourself, “Does this template look fresh, or does it look dull and boring?” or, “Is this template optimized for popular mobile platforms, or not?”

If you decide to create customized design solution, get ready to pay more, but this investment will totally worth it. The better your website looks the better it is sells. A unique design will always have a positive effect on the conversion ratio and customer retention. Keep in mind that people tend to spend more time on a well-done site, but not on the ones that have outdated design and content. That’s why many companies spend thousands of dollars to create their own unique eCommerce websites.

SEO Functions

Some companies include SEO activities to the initial price, some don’t. Regardless, an eCommerce site must be optimized. SEO automation will make a beneficial addition to the marketing campaign and will make it easier to manage content.

It’s not enough just to have a good and promising eCommerce website. You need to make every effort to make your site indexed in popular search engines. Nobody will know about your product if you don’t speak about it. SEO is great opportunity to tell customers about your product before they even come to your website.

How to create an eCommerce website?

As you can see, the website development is affected by many factors. However, the ultimate cost is always individual. You can save a lot of money if you build a business plan, clearly determine marketing strategy, make a list of your general requirements to an eCommerce site in advance.
Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake when they underestimate the scope of development works. Drawn by the wish of easy profit in the short time, they use free platforms and templates. And the quality of these resources is much lower in comparison with native development of an eCommerce website.
You need to remember that an eCommerce website is an integral part of your business that requires investments and the more you invest the more profit you can gain. A selling website must have design and content of high quality. Thus, it will become as money generator for startup or business.
Still haven’t found an answer to the question “how to create an ecommerce website?” Contact us and we will give you a professional consultation about development.

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