Banking and Finance software development

Over the years banking industry has advanced from bills of exchange and checks to plastic cards and digital technologies. And banks continue to show great interest to online solutions as the inner processes become more and more computer-equipped and automatically-controlled and they require complex and efficient banking software solutions. It is incessant competition to provide innovations for their customers. They offer web services, mobile applications, payment gateways, digital wallets and many other facilities.
there are specialized solutions for financial institutions that provide loans, mortgage services, currency exchanges, digital currency operations etc.
Banking operations require a high level of safety that’s why such services use e-mail, phone, and ID verifications.

Banking Management

This is administration of the bank in conditions of free market economy that is based on the general principles:

  • Orientation on market demands and clients requests and delivery of the desired services that will generate planned revenue.
  • Constant aspiration to increase banking operations productivity
  • Goal adjustments in accordance with market conditions
  • Result tracking of
  • Rational recruitment and effective involvement.

In order to keep up high productivity development departments run corporate projects that aimed at:

  • Development of financial analysis and diagnostic tools and applications. Such services allow to recognize and draw conclusions from economic changes, set up the right Enterprise resource planning and as a result minimize risk and expenses and seize new opportunities for growth. And without having a clear visibility it will be impossible to make solid decisions.
  • Automated banking system or as it also known the core banking system. The effort here is made to launch communications between a group of networked bank branches by setting up Main Server with Master Database and linking accounts to enable basic transactions from any of the member branch offices.
  • Building of sustainable customer relationship management or CRM which is essential to maintain loyalty of the current clients by increasing their satisfaction and draw new customers. A distinct CRM includes sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer support. These help organizations manage customer accounts and requests, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and provide service post sale.
  • Document management. Banking CMSes mostly offer solutions to workflow control, document and item management, search, retrieval, annotation and archiving.
    Some of the key features include; creating case profiles, capturing case content, sharing, and collaboration.
  • Cash management software development. These tools are created with a high level of security to monitor and forecast cash requirements, control cash positioning, distribute payments efficiently, automatically generate accounting entries, process investment transactions and effectively manage idle cash through cash sweep and cash pooling.
  • Creation of cost­-effective loan tracking and loan management systems. Such software proceeds customers loans from origination to closing, sends payment alerts and notifications, counts interest rate, assesses late fees and compiles payoff reports.

World class banking software companies

Great enlargement and advancement of banking automation solutions has led to appearance of new business segment in IT market that is now taken by banking software developers.
They compete to offer best financial software development services for retail banking, private banking, and investment banking. These suppliers launch advanced commerce platforms and sell off the shelf products: CRMs, CMSes, frameworks, cloud storages, analytical and metrical tools and even share open source projects. Financial software development costs can range widely. And it’s up to executives to decide whether they stick to creation of their own products or hire a banking software company. There is a great number of large and famous multimillionaire companies that have been on the market for decades and have managed to earn the trust and acknowledgment.

The top banking softare suppliers are

They have offices all around the globe, serve millions of customers and their average annual revenue ranges from $5 billion. to $20 billion.

A company to hire

Amconsoft offers banking solutions and services for fair prices. Our experience of domestic and worldwide project combined with in-depth insight of this branch are at your service to refine your business.
We have already developed a line of banking solutions:

  • Trading System
  • Customer Credit Exchange and Control System,
  • Automatic Banking Service System
  • Management and Control System
  • Technology Process Flow and Monitoring System
  • Bill Payment Integration System
  • Customer Account Assurance and Balances System
  • Payroll Subsystem
  • Project “Social Card”

You can find these projects in our portfolio amnong many other projects.
We also have effective solutions to development of CRMs and CMSes, processing and security technologies, and ATM programming.

However, enterprise banking software has become significant part of IT market and it will continue to grow and improve, it is only one of plenty branches of IT world.
Stick around with Amconsoft for more!

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