How to make money on Android TV: use of the device for commercial purposes

A few years ago the device that extends the functions of the TV or other similar equipment was released. It received a resounding title – Android TV. The new device is positioned as a media player and entertainment interface, unlike Google TV, which was to become a full-fledged software for Android OS platform. This technology is part of the Android L and designed to restore Android on the big screen living. However, there are hidden more serious prospects than just a collection of toys and the ability to watch movies …

Where, how and why

Let’s start with the fact that Android TV is not just for entertainment and fun pastime of users, it helps to make money for developers. This technology can be connected to various gadgets. In addition, it turns ordinary screen into smartphone. And, most importantly, the interface works quite quickly. The combination of these factors opens a lot of perspectives, because thanks to their Android TV can be used for commercial purposes:

1. Application Development

Since the release device, Google’s Corporation strongly suggests developers focus on creating applications for Android TV. The fact that this interface requires the original while “lightweight” applications. Therefore, they need to develop a “zero” or adapt previously created apps for Android. The prospects of such development is quite serious. Sony, Sharp and TPVision (a subsidiary of Philips) already engaged in production of TV on Android TV-based, and in a short time they are joined by the LG and Asus, to occupy a niche set-top boxes. In addition, the Google company released special add-on for Google Play, which makes it easier to find apps for Android TV. This offer will be interesting for TV channels, as an extension of the scope of the broadcast. For example, NTV has already created a specialized application for Android TV. Also today, the game created for TV with a variety of monetization options.

2. Terminals

To date, a shining example of Android TV operation on the touch panel is InstaBox. This is a unique terminal that gives access to Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte. But its main feature – a quick printout of photos from social networks. The development of software for this project started in October 2015 by AMCON SOFT company. About 60 such terminals installed in Ukraine and about 10 units in the United States.

3. Игровые автоматы

Android TV is a good basis for the games created on the Android platform. They are suitable for gamers of all ages. These machines help to move popular applications for smartphones on the big screen. The process of updating these games is quite simple, and you can place these devices in any public place. Examples of interesting games that can be adapted to the machine, look here.

4. Infoboxes

The touch panel on the basis of Android TV, you can turn in the info box. Such a device will show news and events in the city, as well as to show their cards and the facts of history. Moreover, such an info box will be indispensable “friend” shopping centers. In this case it can be demonstrated TC card, promotions and news. And given the fact that Google adheres to the traditional interface, understand the device of this box can anyone who has ever held in his hands a gadget on Android.

Technologies for working with Android TV

A classic application development language for Android TV is Java. However, to create software for this device can be based on the C ++ programming language. Included with these sign systems used OpenGL graphics library.
A specific example of the use of anything other than classical Java language is InstaBox. In this case AMCON SOFT company used Visual Studio development environment and Xamarin, and programming languages – C # and .Net.
“We have made the smartphone from the TV, and we did it!”, – Said Dave Burke, CTO of Android and the head of the Nexus program, representing the Android TV at a conference in San Francisco.

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