A Web Hospital: Fiction or Reality?

Do people in hospitals only save our lives? Of course, not! Any daily hospital activity includes work with tons of bills and paper forms.
Paperwork starts when someone calls to his doctor’s office to make the arrangements, continues at hospital when people get a necessary treatment and ends up when a patient connects with the insurance company to pay his or her hospital bills.

A genuine decision of the problem

The area of IT innovations is the most progressive and creative segment of a modern business world. It always attracts thousands of creative developers who strive to make human life better.
So it’s not a great surprise that nowadays IT inventors are ready to offer hundreds of unique ideas in the area of healthcare.
For example, A Mobile Application released for the Academy of Orthopedics in Kazakhstan and Ambulette.com HIT portal launched in the USA (New York) can be great examples of absolutely new innovative data optimizing projects designed exactly for office management in hospitals. Both of the projects were set in 2016.

How do these projects work?

In order to simplify and boost the process of information exchange between the patients, medical establishments, insurance and transportation companies, it was proposed to develop special ‘personal cabinets or accounts’ for doctors and patients.
Using this ‘cabinet’ or ‘personal account’ anyone can contact the nearest medical institution from his or her smartphone or laptop or PC and make all necessary arrangements without leaving his or her home.
Hospital executives also get some benefits from these software products. The information about the clients will be included into single data base and represented like special information files. In addition to this, data about patients’ diseases will be classified according to the treatment departments.
Having created ‘a personal cabinet or account’ a person can get a direct connection to his or her insurer. It’s not necessary to enter another web site or make phone calls because you can always sign or cut the agreement with your insurer from these software and mobile platforms.
A strict control always eliminates any possibilities of fraud. Using a ‘personal cabinet’ of the patient both clients and insurance agents can easily control the presence and procedure of cancellation of funds from the personal insurance deposit.
All transactions on the Mobile App and HIP portal are strictly secured and are totally safe.

Some additional options

Up to now transportation service was considered one of the most troublesome areas of medical services in the USA. It always included a great variety of questions to be settled in order to give patients the best care.
Ambulette.com is able to speed up the process of registration, payment and performing of transportation medical services.
Using ‘personal cabinets or accounts,’ both patients and doctors can choose any vehicle from the transportation company’s fleet and order a trip from point A to point B specifying time and date of the reservation.
The HIP portal also includes detailed information about the staff and truck fleet of the transportation company, so one can always choose the most appropriate variant for him or her.
Once you have ordered such a trip, there is no need to contact your insurance company, because the information about your order will be automatically displayed in the list of clients’ orders of the company and it has either to agree or reject to fund it.

Technical aspects of the Mobile Application project set in Kazakhstan

The main task of the mobile medical app released for the Academy of Orthopedics in Kazakhstan was to work with API and databases. The information about the clients is stored on a server 1C in XML format and Application executes XML-parsing. The information displayed on the screen will be stored on the customer’s server so that the client can make any required adjustments without the participation of the developer.

The developers of the projects

Finding solutions of different problems and making IT innovations in the sphere of medical services is the strategic choice of Amcon Soft.
Ambulette.com and Mobile App designed for Kazakhstan Academy of Orthopedics are only several applications from a great list of healthcare projects released by the company.
Amcon Soft has already gained a large experience in developing similar IT products and is always glad to meet new people with creative ideas in order to help them to embody these ideas in the area of medical services.

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