“Do I need a website?” This question comes up sooner or later in front of every business owner. And we are always reply positively to this question. Even if you think that your business is too small or too uncertain, and it’s impossible to market itself online to yield a profit through this channel. This article will try to prove you wrong. It’s possible to sell everything by means of Internet starting from books and up to cars, real estate, and alternative sources of power.

Right now we are not making you to hang a sign on your door that will tell your customers “We have moved to random-website.com”. Also, we are not offering answers to the questions like “How to create a custom website?” or “How much does it cost to build a custom web app?” – no, we just want to make an emphasis on the fact that a website increases the potential of your business and help it grows. So, here are the 9 reasons why your business needs a website.

Reason 1. Promote yourself and promote your business

The first thing customer pays attention to is the visual part, in other words, web design. It has to make a good impression, look professional, and comply with your representation or sell. The outlook must be supported by smart and informative content about your organization, products or services. A website should demonstrate to your target audience, why is it better than other websites and promote you, your ideas, your company, your services and products.

Promotion is not necessarily love of fame. If you have your own website it means that you are a serious and professional businessman. Placing a short biography on your website will help to tell the whole world who you are, share your experience of current or previous projects, and show which achievements do you have in your field of business. Besides, you can attach an email to your domain, thus it will look much more respectable than just an e-mail box. Also you can start a blog to promote your news, suggestions and ideas. This will earn more trust in whole for you and your business.

You can place answers to FAQ and feedbacks from satisfied clients. Customers pay attention to other people’s advices and opinions and make conclusions about the service provider or supplier. It is extremely important to take care of your customers and provide support 24/7, otherwise, they will leave you for your competitors. You attract new clients by promoting your website thereby making more profit for startup or business.

Reason 2. Sales: Advertising is not a bad word

Advertising is a key to sales. Customers need to know about you before they get the shopping done. A website helps them to stay calm and being in control of the whole purchase process. Furthermore, you can use all “tricks” of online commercials. For instance, you can acquire clients with usage of promotional discounts, coupons, etc., which they can download from your website. This is a great and affordable opportunity to build efficient loyalty program.

Reason 3. Create a community

The inner forums or blogs make most of the website popularity, as there likeminded people can communicate and share their opinions. In a perfect world your website should grow into a community. This will contribute to the link between online and offline environment. If you add images, audio or video files you will make your website even closer for users and consequently you will draw their attention to your business.

Reason 4. Branding and markets

You can use email blasts and other branding tools that will help you differ among competitors in order to earn customers trust. Info about “super discounts” must not be the only thing submitted to users. Give practical and topical advices, include interesting facts and citations, and so on. A positive feedback to the mailout will form a positive attitude to your brand.

A website that contains everything listed above considerably helps business to secure a foothold in the market. Altogether there are 6 types of market that you can aim at:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • International
  • Global
  • Specialized

A website can help you to work with each and one of them.

Reason 5. Introduction of new products

Another benefit of a retailer’s website is the opportunity to test sales of new products and reduce risks of wasting money. If you are planning to sell new goods to a wide audience you shouldn’t rush into buying the large parcel. It’s better to test the sales through the website first. If the sales will not go so smoothly, then most likely these goods won’t suitable to your business, but the door swings both ways.

Reason 6. Communication and feedbacks

Feedback form, direct correspondence with customers, mailouts, and votings are best tools of interaction with clients that you can implement on your website.
Brochure, flyers, audio and video content only tell users which services or products you provide, but a feedback form allows to find out what customers really want. You can invite website users to take part in voting in order to boost their activity. Such action can set up the chain of positive rumors and feedback about your business and also attract new clients.

Reason 7. Education

If your goal is to learn or express your opinion on specific social or economical questions then a website is a great way to share your ideas to people. You can arrange hands-on workshop and courses, webinars and provide online access to information for busy users.

Reason 8. Access granted

Nowadays many businessmen create websites that are available only for corporate employees. Thus workers can always stay in the loop. And also users can be in touch even if they are away by means of project dashboards and group conferences.

Reason 9. Simplification

The main objective of a website is to make users life simpler. With a website at hand, all operations like invoicing and recruiting become much more convenient. Today successful business owners are using online solutions for these operations as they are cost-effective.
A website is becoming vital for any business in the 21st century. It advertises, sells and promotes your ideas, so, if you still don’t have one, then you risk to be left behind by your competitors in the nearest future.
All in all, a website is useful for any business, no matter big or small. And this is not just an expenditure item, it is long time investment that will turn into a source of income with the development of IT technologies. It’s better to hire a team or order outsourcing development now than regret about might have been later.
If you take interest for the cost to make a custom website you should find a few surveys dedicated to average cost to develop a website.

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