What will be the 2017 trends?

The trends have their changes, which happen annually and the experimentation ideas, innovation trends can be the pushing factors of the industry progressing, which can be applied towards any environment that includes changing and evolving industries, so the following latest web design trends could be very hot in 2017.
The modern trends will include:

  • the responsive design mechanisms;
  • the mobile-firstly industry development aims;
  • the UI customization;
  • the prototyping techniques approaches;
  • decline of the stock services;
  • photography navigation front menus;
  • video individual customization;
  • cool animations integrated into the site;
  • UX wider integration;
  • specification of the grid and card UIs page structures.

Response better use wider.

The responsive approach in the designing elements makes the site look very responsible and totally interesting to read articles and the containing objects have the natural look; responsive elements are seen very bright on the laptop and mobile devices as well as on the big screened desktops. The participation of the big companies such as Google in these developments seems to be very effective and the cost of these sites seems to be growing, such as the number of tools available for the developers.
The best features in the modern web design trends could be promoted by the wider responsive design integration. This means that becoming IT brands are getting in the sphere of the responsive design. It is the essential approach for using the CSS, individually combined layouts to create the single dynamic multifunctional environment of the sites. Such content based website design trends can be perfectly displayed on the various mobile devices.


Firstly mobile, secondary desktop.

The next current web design trends inform that the wider range of companies is trying to adopt the mobile-firstly development ideas. More big developer teams see themselves on the market in the process of the mobile applications designing and then are going further in their researches to the desktop computers.
They don’t rush to get their apps on the desktop devices and prefer to implement the popular website designs on the smartphones and notebooks. These devices seem to be extremely popular nowadays, but they have their negative features. One of them is the limited amount of the content, which user has the ability to display on the smartphones. This allows the companies to get the adaptive visual designed elements for users in order to get the best available navigation. As the small screens are adopting the pics by different tools, the image can look perfectly as if it is displayed on the desktop.

UI patterns are developed into visual complexes.

The next trend is about the usage of the UI patterns. They emerged across the WEB, where they adapt the screen information as the previous engineering methods did. The site looks more user-pattern-friendly and it allows the big busyness, the middle- class owners and all the other teams to get their trading production as well as get the bigger audience for their services.


Prototyping mechanisms expanding.

The next is the rapid prototyping tools expanding. We can see that these tools can help the developers to create the lower and the higher service prototypes. These easy usable and very functional devices can develop the extra detailed animation and save the precious time at the same time. The users could dig into the information without waiting for the content to pop up slowly.

Stock pictures centers see their decline.

Another trend is focusing on the status of the stock imagery, especially, decline in the popularity of such services. The rise of the patterns made the stock pictures downloads to fall down. The connection with the audience of the image stocks doesn’t represent the overall desires and trends of the internet. Now the illustrations are seen as the best choice for creating the site visualization and are totally enjoyable and user-friendly; can be animated and are proven to establish the better connection between the user and the site.


Photography is back with extra resolutions and other features.

The very unique experience that comes from the brand new photography is explained by the different pattern combinations. It is expected that more and more sites will become better as well as naturally beautiful, newly diverse, because such content, presented for the user will be more interesting to consume. The information on the WEB is up-to-date and simply navigated.

The animation is evolving and simplifying.

The next – could be the animation advanced elements. They will be seen more often and will totally range from the tiny loading devices to the big entertaining pics or interesting moments of the contacting applicative forms. These will show the most exciting interacting abilities of the WEB connection. They will add the interesting pictures of the scaling, registration processes or error messages to the site.


Video elements integration.

The next is video components. Their adding becomes trendier because the video resources apply more finances from the businesses who own them. High quality colored front pages will represent the finest video scenes on the site.

UX and complex highlighting.

The next update will concern the image aesthetics, which will be focused on the bright side of life, especially on the maximum ability of designers’ tools to highlight the front pages with the help of the bravest approach in leading technologies. More individual artists are now involved in ux trends implementation.


Grid and card UIs specify the page structured information.

The more card and grid ui will be used in 2017, which could interestingly structure all the content with the additional scrolling features around it. Noticeably the parallax designs will have the best positions in 2017. The interesting mechanic scrolling and visions will be perfect for mobile small devices.


The WEB designs are now transferring into something very interesting and many companies choose the developer teams from Ukraine, Poland, India, who will help to complete the projects in different spheres so the total cost of the site development becomes more efficient, with such help it could be more affordable. All the specific information about the new trends could be found on our website.

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