UX/UI Design Services


AMCON SOFT provides:

  • design-1Development of custom web interface
  • design-2User experience design services
  • design-3User interface design services
  • design-4Illustrations creation
  • design-5Video and Motion graphic design

UI/UX Design

We develop efficient websites and
mobile apps that meet clients demands and requirements.

Development of proper interface is the core of the design. We always try to keep the balance between beauty and usability, because your web site or app will be useless if it only looks pretty, but doesn’t solve the tasks it has to. Taking the tasks step by step is a formula for successful creation of the interface that your users will use with great pleasure.

Defining your objectives
You need to have your tasks and goals clearly defined to create the interface that will solve them. So you need the answer for these questions: What is the prime purpose of this interface? Which problems does it have to resolve?

UX design
UX design is an essential stage of design creation. To check the user stories we create mockups and responsive prototypes. Thanks to the fast delivery it is easy to track the drawbacks of the interface and fix the initial structure or navigation system really fast without going into nuances.

UI design
After the prototype is finished our designer will concentrate on the visual conception of the interface. He will select suitable styles with colour scheme and also will create forms fields, and buttons in accordance with client’s specifications.

Illustrations creation

UI and UX design services is not the only our field of expertise in design. We create colorful visual images that draw users attention. It is the one of the most effective ways to attract audience. Our illustrators can work with vector illustrations, flat, minimalism, multiplication, 3D-illustrations, 3D-panoramas, icons, symbols, and cool characters.

Video and Motion graphic design

Live characters, icons, and any other graphic elements grab more attention than static illustrations. They help the user to get the necessary information fast and easy. We create scenarios, draw, film, and edit the material. We are the company that can outsource web design and ui design services of any complexity. Nothing is impossible for us.

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