Software Development Services

AMCON SOFT offers outsourcing software development services
for business and startups.
When you engage a contract with us you hire software developers of high proficiency.

Prime directions in software development

CRM systems       ERP systems        Drivers for hardware

  • Financial and banking
  • Logistic industry
  • Medicine
  • Developments for carriers and taxi services
  • Municipal services
  • Telecommunications industry

System Solutions

  • Driver for hardware
  • WIN/WPF forms
  • WinServices
  • Classes libraries
  • WEB development
  • Cryptography
  • Security
  • Big Data
  • Video production
  • Work with different databases

Key Features

Maps and logistic solutions
Encryption, securitization and data protection

Our Services provided within the process:

Project Management.
You can be calm and sure that your project management is in right hands. Control the process with our PMs. We’re using all tools like: Scrum, Agile, Jira, Trello etc..

Support 24/7.
We’re supporting your project! Every project that comes through our hands is under close supervision, so be sure that if you’ll have some tech problems we will be happy to assist you.

Git repositories with branches of code.
As the best practice and as it should be. Live monitor your code development process and be aware how your product builds up!

Technology stack

Specified Plan of Development

At this stage we transform your idea, dream or concept into detailed structured document with prototypes and mockups that will be 100% understandable for every developer and minimize the risk of missing the expectations.


Skilled teams of developers, who have great passion for solving complicated challenges, building huge and thought out architecture, implementing cost-effective solutions, and writing code in best practice – ready to assist you.


We create for you everything you need for a modern, nice looking product. Like: UI/UX Design, Icons Design.


We’re testing everything! Every small detail we have developed for you is coming through the eyes and hands of our QA Engineers. So there is no place for such words as “bug”. Also all our developers test their code during the process. Therefore it guarantee the best performance for you.

Amconsoft is a company of professional mobile and software developers for hire . We are ready to outsource projects of any complexity. We provide best quality for fair prices.

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